type 300 set upThe Zapp range of foldout trailer stalls is class leading. Designed and manufactured by Lambert gmbH in Germany they incorporate many innovative features. All of the trailers are road tested and issued with a road worthiness certificate by European approved authorities. These easily erected table stalls enable you to start business in minutes with excellent protection from the elements.

All models of trailer are built around a hot zinc galvanised steel chassis and most are fitted with a single axle for maximum manoeuvrability. Only the biggest trailers have dual axles and even then you can have one raising for manoeuvrability. Hand and axle breaks are fitted where necessary to comply with European legislation. It is designed by traders for traders. Whatever your need it is likely that we can satisfy this from our range of models and many options. The smallest open stall is 3m square and the largest is 20 x 4.4 metres. Trailers can be pre fitted with display counters and equipment and when fully dressed are not recognisable as a trailer.

All trailer models apart from the Type 600 have stowage in the main trailer bed which forms the central counter. Fold out counters are fitted as standard to extend the main counter either side of the trailer bed. One of course covers the dead space above the draw bar.

What could be easier. Park - open - tension roof - raise - flash up - trade. Most significantly you are trading at ground level on equal terms with your customers. Customers are not intimidated from a great height and they can see the product you are selling.


The Smartfridge - was developed for traders that have the dual requirement of working under local authority fixed market canopies and on open air markets. What could be simpler than fitting a market umbrella in a socket fitted in the trailer bed when one needs the protection. 3.2m trailer with two umbrellas single umbrella on the road. The refrigerated display counter with large proportions is designed for mobility and thus is fitted with toughened glass mounted on shock absorbers.



Type200 - The type 200 is the bottom end entry model. The roof is created by plugging in bars and tensioning the PVC canopy which also doubles up as the road canopy. The complete roof is height adjustable with a winder handle on each supporting column. The roof technology is that of our modular umbrellas. Sizes (open stall) - 4 x 3m, 5 x 3m, 6 x 3m.
Type 200 closed
Type 300 - The most popular model in the range. Fibre glass walled lockable box trailer fitted with patented single handle winder mechanism for elevation of the roof. If you are a mobile trader the fold out trailer stall is a must to see. With over fifteen years in practical use this range of trailers is well proven. Sizes (open stall) - 3 x 3m, 4 x 3m, 4.5 x 3.2m, 5 x 3.2m, 6 x 3.2m, 7 x 3.2m All have an integral 1.2m full length counter (end to end).
type 300 with refrigeration
Type 500 - The type 500 is bigger brother to the 300. A stronger chassis allows the load to increase and the trailer to be larger. The heavier roof is height adjusted hydraulically using a manually operated pump. Electric control is optional. It is also possible to have the foldout end counters load bearing and hydraulically controlled Sizes (open stall) - 5 x 3.4m, 6 x 3.4m, 7 x 3.4m, 8 x 3.4m, 9 x 3.4m . With the sliding extension roof the open size can increase to 14 x 3.4m.
Type 500 with refrigeration


Type 400 - Aluminium side walls with translucent roof supported on corner columns. This product is also available with sliding extension roofs to vastly increase size of open stall. For the more sophisticated trader the roof can be supported from cantilever columns reaching from the rear which leaves all of the counter space open for better customer access and improved sales.
type 400 with cantaliver roof
Type 450 - Similar to the type 400 but with open roof supported on two columns giving better customer access. These columns can also support hydraulicaly operated and load supporting end counters.
Type 400 with roller shutters at ends
Type 600 - This is a great concept in enclosed trailer stalls. Although you have a solid back wall we can fit hydraulic lowering of the chassis so that you are only 20cm off the ground when trading. We fit this model out to your specification. This model can have extending roof and hydraulic end counters. The options are endless.
Type 600 open all round
Type 700 - No longer do you have to worry about the load on the draw bar for towing. Legislation now allows you to tow a trailer with a front bogy axle which means the load and weight of the trailer is independent of the draw bar. A trailer bed of 9m is possible and all of this is load bearing. Those large fruit and veg stalls are now possible with one trailer. With an extension roof this model can open to 20 metres stall frontage.
Type 700 solid roof corner panels


There is an enormous list of options that can be factory fitted to the trailers and if we have not done it do ask us because it is likely to be possible. Just some of the popular options are listed here.
Wash Basins Refrigerated Display Counters Lights
Tills Power sockets Hanging Rails
Roof Advertising Panels Branding Roof Extensions


Side sheets, if fitted, provide you with extra protection from the weather, they also look very attractive. You can use canopy supports and block weights to support the sheets and also give extra stability to the roof of the trailer.

Fitted skirting is a very common accessory as it covers up the wheel and draw bars making the trailer look like a very smart stall.

Additional cover can be achieved by linking other Zapp canopy products to the trailer with rain gutters.

Tables from the Zapp range can be used with the trailers for additional display space.