A fundamental part of any display is the table arrangement and therefore the display (flash). A good display can be the difference between making sales or not. Mobile traders also need to consider the weight of the tables as heavy tables are not only difficult to handle but much more important can take important capacity on the van.

At Zapp we have a unique range of tables that solve these issues. Strong yet light, small when folded and many of them have good display characteristics integral to the design.


The standard modular table comprises hinged cross legs and bars to link the legs. When the legs are folded the table set is very easy to store for transportation. The steel is zinc plated giving rust free and clean handling. The steel components of this table system are fabricated from 2mm thickness steel tube and is compatible with 1 inch market stall bars. Each leg has adjustable feet to ensure a level table or indeed to allow for sloping of displayed product. This system is available in two heights and 1.5 or 1m incremental lengths.  Wings to your table are not a problem. With this system special 1.5m wing bars allow the table to extend at right angles to the main table. Why not finish your table with fitted skirts and use product dividers to section you product. Special Table configurations are possible.  The picture shows “gate” legs linked and fitted with umbrella mounts creating a very effective table stall.


The compact table frame is the most popular table in our range. With its very small folded size it is ideal for stowing in small spaces such as the boot of a car. At only 10 kilos (2m standard version) it is also easy to handle. It can be deployed in seconds. This table is available in two heights 0.8m and 0.67m with the option of 2m or 1m length. The electro plated steel frame stops it rusting and makes it clean to handle
Simple and Light Counter Top
The easiest way to create a counter top on the compact frame is to use our Roll Top. The wooden slats are connected in such a way that they conveniently roll up for stowage. The Roll Top is available in multiples of 1m up to 6m. The width is 0.75m and each slat is 25 x 5mm. The roll top is surprisingly strong and is ideal where the weight of the product line is distributed in display trays of boxes.


The Zapp range of tables are designed for applications where strength and ease of transportation are a must.
Flat Open Rail Table
The steel tables are the most popular as they have superior strength. All steel tables have the extra protection of zinc plating which protects them from rust and helps to keep them clean. Even a 2 x 1m table is easy to handle and stow. It only weighs 20 Kilos. Also available 1.5 x 1.2m in aluminium .
Flat Solid Surface Table
The solid surface tables have aluminium frames with plastic top to keep the weight down and yet have a tough surface. This range have a hinge in the middle so that the folded size is 1 x 1m.
Sloping Open Rail Table
You will sell more from a sloping table. Putting your product in front of the eyes of the customer is fundamental to good retailing. Available in steel 2 x 1m or 2 x 1 and 2 x 0.5 m in aluminium.
Bench Table
Bench tables at 2 x 0.5m are perfect to position at the front of the sloping table for service of even stand alone. This is open rail and available in steel.
Stepped Table
The stepped table is a must for those displaying bulky goods. You will sell more. With this clever design you will have more time to prepare your product display.
Crate Table
The crate table with adjustable depth is a must for those that see the advantage of pushing a particular line. This table is 1.5m long.
It is even possible to have an extension table that hooks onto a larger table Just right for the scales, packing or even the cash register.


Our tables are certainly designed for ease of use and transportation with optimised display and they can be improved even further by fitting them with skirts so that the ugly mess that invariably exists under the table is hidden. It is a proven fact that display (or flash in market speak) is everything. Why take half measures when you can increase turnover by doing the obvious.