The accessories often make the difference between you and your competition. How you look and how your products are displayed will effect your takings. Side sheets, if fitted, provide you with extra protection from the weather, they also look very attractive. Significantly from the customer perspective a back sheet stops the customer attention being distracted by events behind your stall.

Linking one canopy system to another, using our rain gutters is an ideal way of covering a large area, with the relative ease and can improve stability


It is possible to link our canopy systems with rain gutters made from PVC. These either hook or velcro to the canopy depending on the type of canopy being used, and loop under the valance to the corresponding fixing points on the adjacent canopy.

Where you would like more control of the flow of water in heavy rain we have a version called the Rigid Rain Gutter . Tubes are sewn into the top edge of the gutter to control the shape of the gutter and thus flow of water. These are designed to fold in the middle for ease of stowing when packing away.

We also have a gutter system which allows groups of canopies to be linked in a matrix of 2 x 2 (four in a group).

linked with rain gutter fitted with back sheets


We supply quality side curtains to fit on all of our canopy products. For the umbrellas and trailers the sheets hook onto the canopy and are generally supported with our canopy support system. Adjacent sheets are zipped together and a PVC kicking strip is fitted along the bottom where the sheet touches the ground. All of the hooks we use are of the karabiner snap on type (except on trailer stalls) which ensures that the hooks do not become detached in the wind

The pop up marquee sheets are similar but use velcro to attach to the canopy and do not have zips as standard so that fitting is easier in windy conditions. This product does not have a kicking strip.


A key aspect of any mobile trading system is the stabilising in windy conditions. At Zapp we have a unique set of products which can help in this respect. If in doubt do ask for advise. We have rigid linking systems for adjacent canopies, tension bars to link legs and canopy supports, different types of weights and unique ground fixing products.


Trailers can be fitted with integral lighting or we can supply rugged strip lights ready to hang on our canopy frames of even halogen lamps with choice of fittings.


We have a range of stands and fittings to enable you to display your goods to maximum effect and thus generate maximum sales. Clothing, accessories, art, you name it and we can display it. We can even supply changing rooms!


Branding is possible on all of our products. Provide us with example artwork and we can provide a costing.